I am a self-taught visual artist, based in Seattle, Washington. My work primarily focuses on bold abstract paintings using fluid acrylic, pastels, spray paint, and pens.

Being a self-taught artist has shown me that I am always evolving, always learning, and always trying something new. I love experimenting with new mediums and techniques to see where my passion will take me. My creative influence continually evolves as I grow as an artist, but I often find myself inspired by my personal journey and my interaction with the world around me. I typically work to portray my journey in a visual way that has never been seen before, making each piece it's own personal experience for both myself and my audience. You will often find me creating art on-the-go and collaborating with artists of different practices to discover new ways of expression.            

When I'm not painting in my studio, I fill my time with hiking and exploring the PNW, attending poetry readings, going to theatre and concerts, and checking out the new exhibits at the Seattle museums.

Contact me if you have questions, looking for a personalized piece, or want to just say hi!